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Material: Cast Iron or Steel?
Output: How much heat do you need?
Space: How much space do you have to install your stove?
Multifuel or woodburning: What will you burn on your stove?
Burning Restrictions: Are you in a smoke control area?
Fuel: which type is most suitable for you?
Budget: Is price an indication of quality?
Maintenance & Servicing
How to look after a cast iron stove
Carbon monoxide


Budget: Is price an indication of quality?

Stoves, like many other things are available in varying levels of quality, price and with differing warranties.

In many cases you get what you pay for but there are cheap stoves on the market which can perform as well, if not better than some of the more pricy brands so it is a good idea to ask advice from your stove retailer. 

Most stoves have a minimum 12 month warranty but many have 3, 5 or 10 year some even come with a lifetime warranty, however,  be sure to read the small print as most stove warranties only cover the outer body of the stove and not the 'consumables' which may need to be replaced often to protect the stove body. 

Generally a more expensive stove brand will also charge more for their spares and consumables than a cheaper brand so ongoing costs are also something to consider although there are more and more companies offering non branded replacement firebricks and glass for stoves you will usually need to purchase replacement grates and baffles trough a stove retailer from the manufacturer.