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Maintenance & Servicing

Material: Cast Iron or Steel?
Output: How much heat do you need?
Space: How much space do you have to install your stove?
Multifuel or woodburning: What will you burn on your stove?
Burning Restrictions: Are you in a smoke control area?
Fuel: which type is most suitable for you?
Budget: Is price an indication of quality?
Maintenance & Servicing
How to look after a cast iron stove
Carbon monoxide


Once you have chosen an appliance and have had it safely installed it is important to maintain your stove for reasons of safety and function.

Your chimney should be swept at least once a year to remove any tar build up and soot deposits and the stove should be serviced to replace any frayed ropes or damaged components inside which may be protecting the stove walls,  such as the baffle or throat plate if it has warped or broken, firebricks if they have broken, grate and ash pan if they are warped, cracked or broken.

Most stoves can be serviced quite easily by you at home as these parts known as consumables are made to slide in and out for servicing purposes.

If you don´t fancy getting up to your elbows in ash there are companies who will carry out stove servicing for you including some chimney sweeps and installation engineers.