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Burning Restrictions

Material: Cast Iron or Steel?
Output: How much heat do you need?
Space: How much space do you have to install your stove?
Multifuel or woodburning: What will you burn on your stove?
Burning Restrictions: Are you in a smoke control area?
Fuel: which type is most suitable for you?
Budget: Is price an indication of quality?
Maintenance & Servicing
How to look after a cast iron stove
Carbon monoxide


Burning Restrictions: Are you in a smoke control area?

Smoke control areas have been introduced in many large towns and cities in the UK (including virtually all of London) and in large parts of the Midlands, North West, South Yorkshire, North East of England, Central and Southern Scotland.

In a smoke control area you are restricted to either using a smokeless fuel on a standard multifuel stove or you can buy a DEFRA exempt stove which has been modified to burn a particular fuel (such as wood) in a smoke free area.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines can lead to a 1000 fine for each offence.

To find out if your property is in a smoke free area you can visit the DEFRA website or contact your local environmental health.