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Multifuel or woodburning?

Material: Cast Iron or Steel?
Output: How much heat do you need?
Space: How much space do you have to install your stove?
Multifuel or woodburning: What will you burn on your stove?
Burning Restrictions: Are you in a smoke control area?
Fuel: which type is most suitable for you?
Budget: Is price an indication of quality?
Maintenance & Servicing
How to look after a cast iron stove
Carbon monoxide


Multifuel or woodburning: What will you burn in your stove?

Woodburning stoves are only capable of burning wood, this may be logs from trees or wood fuel logs made from compressed waste wood. Wood burns best when burnt on a bed of ash and a flat surface with the air travelling over the fuel. Generally woodburning stoves will have no grate or ashpan and the fuel is burnt at the bottom of the appliance. 

Woodburners are generally more efficient that multifuel stoves because they are made to efficiently burn only one type of fuel.

Multifuel stoves can usually burn a variety of solid mineral fuels and wood. The ways in which multifuel stoves are set up for burning the different fuels can vary but generally they will have a grate for burning mineral fuels such as coal and smokeless fuel which is positioned so that the air taken into the stove goes under the grate and helps the fuel burn evenly.

Some multifuel stoves burn timber in the same way as they do mineral fuels, others in the same way but the grate can be closed off or taken out when burning wood for a more efficient burn.